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'The will of Melek is the only law in Nagast'


Raids to the surface world, and other activities usually occurs during the night. Priests of

the Radiant Circle utter prayers to the king God whenever they wish to further his aims.

They often offer the hearts of their enemies as an offering to Melek. The greater the prey,

the more Melek is pleased.


Up above on the surface, nights of the new moon are considered sacred to the followers of

the God King. Such occasions are observed with midnight hunts that range over miles of

shadowy woodlands. Packs of the Lord's worshippers, mounted atop their chosen rides of

Drakes Brought up from the deep black caverns of Nagast, run down their prey and then

sacrifice the creature and still-beating heart to their god king in dark rites that pervert

the ancient ways of all the surface races.

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